Ingredient of the Month: Strawberries


When strawberries arrive on the produce scene you know summer’s well and truly on the way.

This juicy and delicious red fruit has numerous uses whether fresh or frozen, but strawberries are also a superfood, packed full of health benefits from fighting cancer to reducing the risk of diabetes.

Health Benefits

Did you know strawberries are a great source of vitamin C? Just one serving will give you half of your daily allowance, double that and you’ve fulfilled your daily quota. The vitamin C in strawberries boosts immunity that in turn helps to prevent cancer; it’s also an antioxidant that fights free-radicals. Other antioxidants in strawberries that suppress cancer growth include ellagic acid, lutein and zeathancins. Ellagic acid also prevents collagen damage from UV-B rays and is beneficial to heart health by reducing cholesterol, oxidation and blood lipids, all of which contribute to heart disease and diabetes.

Some further health benefits you’ll get by tucking into a bowl of strawberries are potassium and fibre. Potassium regulates blood pressure and can counter the effects of too much salt while fibre is essential for digestion and can help fight diabetes.

Best Ways To Enjoy Strawberries

What to Look For: Strawberries that are plump, fragrant and bright red with no soft spots and no white or green around the stem.

How to Store: Don’t refrigerate if planning on using right away. Otherwise, leave as is without rinsing or hulling in the fridge and use within two days.

Got lots of leftover strawberries? Strawberries can simply be frozen until you’re ready to use them.

Here are some more ideas for enjoying strawberries:

→ Add strawberries to smoothies, slice on top of cereal or smother your toast in homemade strawberry jam.

→ Dip strawberries in melted chocolate or creme fraiche and sugar for a simple but decadent dessert.

→ Strawberries lend themselves well to cooking in tarts and crumbles, alone or with other fruits; they bake down into thick, syrupy consistency.

→ Classic summer desserts like pavlova are given a burst of colour when topped with fresh, juicy strawberries, and don’t forget strawberry cheesecake.

→ Homemade strawberry ice cream is better than bought if you’ve got an icecream maker.

→ Not for the kids, strawberry cocktails are strictly adults only, and why it’s great to be grown up.

So stock up on strawberries, while the season lasts.

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