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Kokotungo Organic Beef (BFA Producer No. 10797A) is produced by two generations of the Bailey Family. We decided as a family unit that we wanted to produce beef in a healthy environment. The underlying philosophy to everything we do is healthy environment equals healthy food equals healthy and happy people.

The journey began in 1994 when we changed our grazing practices to make environmental health the main focus. From this focus, we felt that production and productivity would follow. In 2006, a joint decision was made to attain organic certification, as we wanted to differentiate our management practices from those of conventional farmers. It has been an incredible journey of discovery and each year we strive to continue to improve and enhance our environment around us.

A Little About Kokotungo Beef

  • Kokotungo Organic Beef is situated 25 kilometers east of Baralaba. It consists of an aggregation of three properties totaling 4175 Ha. All are used for growing and finishing for the Bailey Grazing certified organic beef enterprise.
  • This country ranges from Brigalow river flats, softwood scrub to broadleaf Ironbark. All properties are managed under a time controlled grazing system.
  • A further 4455 ha is leased, which is used for breeding and growing organic cattle. The landholder was open to allowing us to certify the land as organic during the lease period. This property is light Eucalyptus forest, with sandy creek flats going up into range country and has a rotational grazing system in place.
  • The properties were certified organic in 2006; however the journey towards organic certification began in 1994. A realization that current practices needed to change, lead to searching for alternative grazing management practices. This resulted in a change in attitude towards grazing and agriculture in general, with the belief that there is a positive link between good environmental health and production. From this realization, a commitment to continuing education and seeking further knowledge on business management and ecological processes resulted.
  • Beef production is a by-product of good grazing land management, which starts with soil and moves through to plant and pasture. So managing for good soil health and biodiversity of plant species is the basis for any grazing enterprise.

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