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Fruit & Vegetables

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Feel confident knowing that:

OQF only sells CERTIFIED organic produce (AQIS approved certifying bodies)!

The majority of produce is sourced DIRECTLY from the growers!

ALL perishable produce is FRESH every week!

OQF’s fleet includes 7 fully refrigerated vehicles!

Guaranteed quality or your money back!

Fruit & Vegetables



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Dear Customer,

OQF will be unable to trade this week (wk16) due to a major website programming glitch. Apparently a software update has gone horribly wrong causing many websites failures around the world. Fortunately, OQF have been working on a new upgraded website platform which will now be installed hopefully within the next week allowing OQF to be online again ready for next week trading. We sincerely regret the inconvenience this may cause and apologise to all affected customers!

Rob Maclachlan