Delivery Areas

Ambrose, Bajool, Banana, Baralaba*, Benaraby, Biloela, Bouldercombe, Boyne Island/Tannum Sands, Calliope, Dululu, Gladstone, Gracemere, Jambin, Marmor, Mt Larcom, Mt Morgan, Moura, Raglan, Rockhampton, Theodore.

*By Special Arrangement

Welcome to Rockhampton!

  • Rebecca

    Hi! Rebecca here! Hailing from a farm, near Moura, in central Queensland. Since 1997, I have been working with Organic & Quality Foods (OQF) and along the way, investigating many health alternatives. I started with OQF just to get good organic food for myself and my family. Many changes have taken place, since those days of ordering with half a dozen friends. Our area has grown from the original Rockhampton district, to take in Yeppoon, Gladstone, Biloela, Moura and Theodore (and any other place in between!) due to customer requests for service.

  • Keith

    Keith’s OQF ROCKY Story With a need to improve my health which had been poor in my earlier years, I gradually became more aware of what the body needed, to be well.
    In the course of learning certain modalities and other options of self care I realized that high quality food was an important part of my daily requirement. Organic food fits the bill as far as being clean, tasty and high in nutrition.
    Enter Rebecca Rider and Organic & Quality foods! They supplied all my needs in organics, and they delivered to the door!! I was impressed. So when the young, budding entrepreneur, Rebecca, asked if I if would like to do the run for the four weeks prior to Christmas 2001, two thoughts coincided in my head . “I’d love to!” and “how do I operate a computer?”
    After a slightly shaky start, and a struggle with the computer,I was reasonably satisfied with my effort. Rebecca, realising that I had passed ‘the test’, promptly offered me the role of Manager, OQF- ROCKY! Today,I’m still loving it, and still benefitting from using Organic Products.

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