Reasons to Feed Your Pet Organic Pet Food


We all want the best for our furry friends but how do we know what the best choice for them is? Nutrition is the perfect place to start when trying to navigate this topic. Just as going organic can be a great choice for you, it can also be a great change for your pet.

But why should your pet go organic?

There are some signs which can show that your pet doesn’t have the best nutrition even though you are feeding it great food. For example you may notice different problems with their coat or skin or they may even have problems with their teeth. If you’ve tried everything else to fix these problems but they keep recurring then going organic may be the option for you.

What’s great about organic pet food?

Organic pet food means that you won’t be feeding your pet anything other than natural ingredients. The brand that we stock is called Organic Paws, it does not contain any synthetics. That means  it doesn’t contain pesticides, chemical fertilisers, antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO’s, chemicals or preservatives. It is even organically certified!

Because many other pet foods contain residue of toxins (the ones we listed above), they can have adverse affects on your pet’s health. Due to the frequency that your pet is consuming food the build up of these toxins may affect their immune system and could lead to major problems such as skin conditions or degenerative diseases.

What are the benefits for your pets?

The benefits for your pets will be endless if they go organic. You’ll notice they have cleaner teeth and gums meaning fresher breath. They will also have healthy skin and nails and leaner body mass. And most importantly going organic will give your pets the best chance to maximise their longevity- now that’s something you’ll definitely want!

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