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  • Jon & Susan Kirk

    Jon & Susan Kirk are your local distributors for Organic & Quality Foods in Emerald, Central Queensland. We were thrilled to start this service in January 2005 so that we could access a reliable source of organic produce weekly for our growing family and also make organic foods available to our local community.

Customers can order weekly, fortnightly or as needed by a Wednesday evening and your organic fruits, vegetables and products will be available for collection early Friday morning, during the day or even over the weekend from us at 6 Donnelly Place, Emerald.

Jon & I realised that eating organic food was a fundamental and absolutely essential key for good health. The catalyst that brought about this knowledge was research following the death of my Mum in 2000 from cancer at only 54.

We have chosen to eat organically so that we can give our four boys food that is healthy, nutritious, great tasting and free from herbicides, pesticides and guaranteed NOT to be genetically modified. We view this decision as an important investment into our future well-being and that of our children and the generations to come. What is the cost of good health? In addition, we don’t believe you can compare organic with conventional food as it is an entirely different product.

We have quite a few customers who regularly order from surrounding areas as well. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you access organic food.

We can be contacted directly on 07 49820069 or Otherwise you can register online at

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