Inglewood Farm

Australia’s leading producer


organic free-range chicken

Inglewood Farm have been supplying certified organic chicken to OQF for many years. They were recently featured on ‘LANDLINE’ and what an interesting and inspiring story! Here’s what they say about their operation …

A little about Inglewood Farm

Inglewood Farms is Australia’s leading producer of organic free-range chicken. We are dedicated to rearing premium quality chicken using strict certified organic farming methods. Whether you’re cooking for health or eating for pleasure, our birds are better for you. The taste and texture is superior, the meat lean and succulent. Our birds are able to forage freely on dedicated grass forage areas, living as nature intended with fresh air and sunshine.

The farm is located near Inglewood on the southern edge of the Darling Downs between Warwick and Goondiwindi. The region is supported by the expansive Coolmunda Dam and winding Macintyre Brook which attracts an abundance of native plants, wildlife and birds.

Animal Welfare & Taste:

Apart from consuming an organically certified ration, organic chickens are free range, they see the light of day, feel the earth beneath their feet, and walk freely in the fresh air and sunshine. Besides the obvious animal welfare advantages, these processes deliver a much healthier and naturally superior product. Organic chicken today tastes like chicken used to in the good old days before intensive farming became the norm. They live longer than conventional chickens and have better muscle tone which means the flesh is firmer. It’s delicious, lean and succulent; juicy and tender. The flavour of freedom comes with foraging outside and growing at nature’s pace.

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