The Organic Farm Gate

We are Australia’s largest group


certified organic farmers!

A little about The Organic Farm Gate

The group includes Bauers Organic Farm, Googa Organic Farms, Wombat Forest Organics, Brisbane Valley Organics, Oaklands Farm, Mount Alma Farming, Organic Valley Produce, Busch Organics, Organic Oasis, Peninsula Organics, Cafresco Organics, Mexborough, Red Plateau and many more. We are experienced, high quality producers. As leading growers we are working together, planning and learning from each other to produce some of the best food in Australia – all year round.

The Organic Farm Gate Pty Ltd was formed to provide a service in line with our ongoing commitment to support growers in the professional planning, packaging and distribution of a range of certified organic fruit and vegetables. The group has also expanded to include a large modern certified packing facility based in Queensland Australia