The Organic Foodie's Guide to the Ekka


Ahhh, the Ekka…that once-yearly event where families and farmers gather together to gawk at giant pumpkins, watch shiny ponies jump fences, ride dodgem cars, and eat lots of food.


Lots of food. From Dagwood dogs to fairy floss, the Ekka is what sugar-coated, deep-fried dreams are made of. Traditional favourites include strawberry sundaes, jam and cream scones, hot chips, gourmet ice cream, chocolate fudge, and Bertie Beetles. Oh, and did we mention the Tim-Tam-coated caramel apples? Yeah, you read that right. Gooey, chocolatey, caramel goodness.

But, the Ekka is also home to many healthy hotspots and organic foodie alternatives. Vegetarian? Vegan? Just love a good green juice? We think you’ll be surprised by all of the delicious, healthy options the Ekka has to offer!


Here’s how to eat your way around the Brisbane Ekka without feeling guilty:


1. Fresh Food Pavilion

From Friday the 5th of August until Sunday the 14th, the Fresh Food Pavilion will be alive with cooking demonstrations and free food samples every hour between 11am and 3pm.


Healthy highlights include:

  • Broccolini, Avocado and Mint Dip
  • Sweet Potato Soup
  • Zesty Jalapeno Hummus served with Wholegrain crackers
  • Corn Cobbettes in a Garlic & Herb Dressing
  • Granola Cookies
  • Banana Pops
  • Spicy Pumpkin & Banana Soup
  • Beetroot Dip with Poppy & Sesame Lavosh Bites

Interested in learning more about where your food comes from? Then, you’ll love the ‘Meet the Growers’ talks and the Kitchen Theatre Interactive Sessions.


2. Healthy snack stalls

For Ekka-goers that love hot chips, but want a healthier alternative, The Chippery is the place to be. Located under the gatehouse, this food stall serves sweet potato chips with the best sauces in town. If you’re into dairy-free sorbet or gluten-free ice cream, then LICK Ice Cream is a definite must-do. The apple slinkies at the Aussie Apples stand (in the Agricultural Hall) are also a crowd-favourite!


3. Kids in the Kitchen

Looking for something fun to do with the kids that doesn’t involve junk food or queuing for hours? Then Kids in the Kitchen is for you! Under the supervision of a professional chef, Kids in the Kitchen is a hands-on activity that teaches children basic, healthy recipes that they can cook at home. Activities include vegetarian pizza making, as well as taste testing homemade food. The best part? It’s free.


4. Lindeman’s Open Garden

Whether you consider yourself a bit of a green thumb, love cooking with herbs, or simply prefer seasonal and lighter-styled recipes, we’re sure that Lindeman’s Open Garden will delight and surprise you. With garden cooking demonstrations, DIY hanging planter activities, and the ultimate early harvest range, Lindeman’s Open Garden is an organic foodie oasis that you won’t want to miss!


5. Brisbane Markets Agricultural Hall

The Ekka Agricultural Hall is a smorgasbord of culinary delights, fresh fruits, and vegetables. If you’re a creative foodie (or you simply enjoy colour coordination), we recommend checking out the District Exhibits Contest. Stemming back to 1891, this colourful and vibrant contest brings regions together to compete in team agricultural displays.

You can check out the full Ekka foodie calendar by visiting the Ekka website, or reading through the 2016 Fabulous Food Guide.


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