Benefits of Eating All of Your Fruit and Vegetables


So you’re doing the right thing and getting your two fruit and five vegetables each day. But did you know you can add even more nutrients and vitamins to your diet by eating different parts of the fresh produce you consume? The skin, core and stem of fruit and vegetables often contain an enormous amount of concentrated vitamins and nutrients. We’ve broken down a few of the key things you should try out to reap the health benefits of your food.

Pineapple core

You know that tough bit in the middle of the pineapple which you always eat around? It is actually the part which will provide you with the most health benefits. The core of a pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme which assists in the breakdown of food and aids the digestive system.

Apple skin

You’ll find an array of apple varieties on the market and surprisingly they all have similar nutritional values. However, the skin contains some exceptional qualities. While whole apples are great for providing you with nutrients that help fight cancer you’ll want to make sure you eat the skin as well. This is because the skin of an apple contains more fibre than the whole apple. Furthermore, your brain will thank you for the supply of quercetin which is fantastic for lung and brain health.

Watermelon skin

It is not the tastiest part of the watermelon, but its skin contains  L-citrulline, an amino acid. If you’re a gym bunny or suffer from aches and pains, you might want to give it a try as it helps with muscle repair and soreness.  

Orange peel

If you’re grating a bit of orange peel into your food or smoothie, you’ll be doing yourself the world of good. Orange peel contains flavonone; an antioxidant which helps to lower cholesterol and fight free radicals.

Kiwi fruit skin

You may avoid it due to the furry feeling it leaves in your mouth, but kiwi fruit skin is high in omega 3 and alpha linoleic acids. These nutrients are great for your joints, heart and metabolic health. Furthermore, the skin also provides you with added fibre and antioxidants.

Garlic skins

It may sound strange, but think about popping some garlic skins into your next roast. Why? Because it contains phenylpropanoid, an antioxidant which is said to help with the effects of ageing.

Broccoli stem

Broccoli will keep you fuller for longer with its concentrated amount of insoluble fiber, calcium and vitamin C. So with all these benefits why should you eat the stem? Because you’ll get more of these nutrients in the stem than you will in the florets.


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