Is it possible to detox the body?

Is it possible to detoxify the body?

Is it possible to detoxify the body?

Detox is trendy. You hear everywhere about detox or detoxification. But can you clean the body from the inside at all?

If you take the actual literal sense of the word, then no. Because when you think of “poison” many may think of real poisons like heavy metals. On one hand, we are rarely exposed to these substances in our environment in this country and, on the other hand, there is no evidence that they can be removed from the body through fasting or special preparations. If you understand “poison” a little differently, i.e. more in the sense of substances that we ingest through our lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, one can detoxify the body and improve dependent values such as cholesterol or blood sugar.

We can detoxify the body from substances such as animal fats, sugar, additives in food or stimulants. This works with the help of special diet cures. There are many different fasting methods, but the most important thing is to reduce your calorie intake significantly. It should not be a zero diet so that too many muscles don’t get lost. Most of the time, juice fasting cures are used, in which one consumes a maximum of 300 calories per day for 5 – 14 days, mainly through vegetable broth and organic juice. It is best to use organic produce that can be purchased here at Organic & Quality Foods ( The selection of products is huge at this company! The second crucial thing is to eat only vegan while fasting, i.e. not to eat anything animal, and to avoid sugar and stimulants as much as possible.

The body is used to always getting food from which it can draw its energy. If you stop eating, it will start changing after just 12 to 14 hours. Many metabolic hormones are then changed in such a way that the body breaks down its own fat reserves and draws energy from them. This is why intermittent fasting can also work. It means you can eat for 8 hours but then you must not eat for 16 hours, most days of the week. At the same time, the hormonal changes cause blood sugar to normalise, blood pressure to drop and more water to be passed.

At the cell level, a process called autophagy is set in motion. This is a kind of cell self-cleaning, quasi a garbage disposal of unusable and harmful substances that accumulate in the course of life and through poor nutrition. In addition, more young stem cells are produced. That is why many scientists suspect that fasting could have a life-extending or rejuvenating effect.

By doing without sugar, nicotine and other stimulants, you break this addiction first. The renouncement of sugar brings among other things the blood sugar in equilibrium, cravings disappear, and the intestinal flora is also positively influenced. If you do not use nicotine, for example, blood circulation improves and the risk of cancer decreases. And by abstaining from alcohol, the liver and nerve cells can recover.

All of this is a very great effort for the body. However, it works for everyone and after 24 to 48 hours at the latest, you still feel very vital and awake. This phenomenon is explained by evolution. Because hundreds of thousands of years ago it was perfectly normal that there was nothing to eat. Back then it would have been a disadvantage if one had become tired and apathetic without food.

If you want to fast for spring cleaning, you should fast once a year. When it comes to medical effects such as an improvement in high blood pressure or diabetes, you probably have to fast 2 to 4 times a year and ideally combine it with interval fasting.