Organic Turkey – what’s so good about it?

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Organic Turkey- What Is So Good About It?

When it comes to holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, there never lacks a turkey at the dinner table. Turkey meat unifies all other dishes and one is never satisfied without it at the table. Turkey is a prime meal for Thanksgiving and other holidays but it can also be used as sandwich meat or sausages during the normal days.

There are many considerations when it comes to choosing the type of turkey for your dinner. First and foremost, people often go for the biggest turkey on the shelves. Others consider price and others how they are bred. In terms of the breeding, pastured or organic turkeys carry the gold medal in more than one ways than the conventional turkey and below are reasons why.

Most conventional turkeys are bred in a populated area and are therefore injected with antibiotics to prevent the spread of diseases. Over use of these antibiotics is harmful since it creates drug resistant bacteria and there are always residue antibiotics in the turkey’s meat. The conventional turkey may also be fed GMOs feed and injected with growth hormones. These residue antibiotics and growth hormones are harmful to the humans and can cause food poisoning and alter with intestinal flora. For this and many other reasons, people often consider organic turkey as the best option.

Why organic turkey?images-2

Organic turkey tastes better as compared to the conventional ones. They have a distinct natural taste attributed to the fact that they are free range bred birds and are left to roam freely. They eat a natural diet consisting of worms, bugs and grubs which contribute to their taste. This diet of bugs increases the omega-3 content in the turkey meat which is helpful to humans. In addition, they are fed organic food that helps retain the natural taste.

Organic turkey has leaner and better-textured meat since they have plenty of room to move around. The movement serves as exercise which helps burn their fat leaving lean meat. Organic turkey meat has, therefore, lower cholesterol and calories levels making it best for weight management in people.

Organically bred turkeys live longer and grow at a natural rate. No growth hormones are used and hence it is risk-free. It also enhances the taste. Even if expensive, go for the benefits. It is much healthier and safer to consume organic turkey.

Here at OQF our organic turkey meat comes direct from the farmer. We sell turkey sausages, bacon, ham, wings, frames, mince, mini rolled roast, liver and more.

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