A glass of milk without remorse

A glass of milk without remorse

A glass of milk without remorse

At least 4% of Australians suffer from lactose intolerance. But that’s not a reason to do without milk altogether.

A big latte macchiato in the morning and the day can begin. For many this is the perfect start. But more and more people have to say goodbye to this pleasant ritual, unfortunately, shortly after the indulgence the stomach rumbling, bloating or even diarrhoea starts. They do not tolerate the milk well, more precisely – the lactose contained therein! They react in various degrees to the symptoms described. What is often dismissed as a lifestyle disease or even a fashionable complaint is in reality a normal process. It is in the nature of our bodies that we can process lactose less and less with age.

This substance, which is also called milk sugar, is contained in the milk of mammals. In order to break it down for digestion, the body needs the enzyme lactase, which is produced in the small intestinal gut. As a baby it is still sufficiently available. But as soon as our diet expands, the amount of lactase decreases, as it is no longer needed in high concentrations. As many as 75% of the world’s population are lactose intolerant, most often Asians and Africans, of which up to 90% are affected. That is why, for example, there are virtually no dairy products in China. According to expert estimates, about 4% of adults in Australia are unsuited to lactose. In our latitudes, lactose is found in many foods such as processed meals, salad dressings, sausage meats and even bread, but they are often “hidden”. The simplest way to avoid the unpleasant consequences of lactose consumption is, of course, to dispense with dairy products. This is also the easiest and safest way to check if you have a problem. Physicians diagnose lactose intolerance through gene and respiratory tests, depending on which variant of the disease is involved. Fortunately, you do not have to completely eliminate yoghurt, etc. from your diet. For example, hard cheese and unpasteurised yoghurt can usually be enjoyed without hesitation. Alternatively, switch to non-dairy products made from oat, soy or almond milk.

And if it really must be a latte coffee, then an extra dose of lactase as a tablet or in powder form taken with the meal helps with a stress-free digestion. Important is only the right dosage!!

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