Why you Should Make the Switch to Organic Chicken


Organic chicken is the same as free range…right? Well not really. We hate to break it to you but there is a big difference. In this blog we take a look at why you need to make the switch to organic chicken- not just free range!

Let’s start with a bit of background info…

We stock organic chickens that are both free range and organic. As you probably all know the technicalities behind free range we won’t chirp on about it. But where the confusion usually starts is at the organic part. Organic doesn’t just mean they don’t use antibiotics and their beaks aren’t chopped off- it is so much more.

So what is organic chicken?
Organic chicken is free range but it is also chemical free. Just like organic fruit and veg- organic chickens are grown without the use of chemicals. Organic certification does allow for a vaccination spray which helps to protect the chickens from a deadly disease called Newcastle disease. But other than that there are no chemicals used on the chickens, feed or farm.

Organic chickens are fed organic feed, because of this they do not ingest any chemical herbicides or pesticides.The organic feed is believed to contain a higher nutritional content which helps boost the chickens health and prevent disease outbreaks. However on the rare occasion that a disease does break out in an organic chicken farm, no antibiotics are allowed to be used. Instead, apple cider vinegar and some herbal remedies are used to help stop the disease.

From start to finish all practices used to raise the chickens are organic. This means in compliance with organic standards; farm processes include recycling and biodiversity.

Does it taste different?
Yes! Organic chickens will not only taste different because of the way they are reared but the way they are processed. Instead of being washed with water or chlorine after they have been stunned and slaughtered they are processed with an air chiller so they can cool down. This is another reason you’ll get a tastier chicken and a crispier skin.

Not only will it taste better than non-organic but it will be better for you. Organic chickens are lower in cholesterol and are higher in all the good things such as Omega-3, vitamin A and beneficial fats.

What you can buy from us
At Organic and Quality Foods the organic chicken options are endless. Take your pick from organic chicken sausages, wings, breast fillets, thighs or even a whole chicken!

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