Health Benefits of Avocados

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Have you noticed the sudden increase of love for the humble avo over the last few years? The good news is that you’re not imagining it- there has been an increase in the amount of avocados Australian’s eat. But why is this so? We take a look at what makes avos so special.

The summer of ’16 will always be remembered as the great avocado shortage. News feeds and blogs were saturated with comments and pictures about the cost of avos skyrocketing. Although the shortage and costs were due to a number of reasons, the situation brought light to the increasing Australian demand for avocados. We as Australians no longer see avocados as a luxury but in fact a staple. And because of that, we are now the fourth-largest nation of avo eaters in the world. The good news is that the shortage seems to have surpassed with farmers now able to catch up with demand.


So what’s changed? Why has our consumption gone up so much?

The short story is that due to an uprising of health food industry and the increasing knowledge of superfoods, people have recognised the amazing qualities of the avo. So let’s take a look at what makes it so special.


It’s fantastic for your hair and skin

Rich in Vitamin C, avocados are great for your skin and hair. Vitamin C contributes to the protection of cells, neutralises free radicals and aids the production of collagen. Free radicals are things that are part of the environment– in other words, they are things we can’t get away from. For example, sun damage and pollution are free radicals and promote premature aging. Vitamin C also helps to reduce spots and inflammation as well as boosting collagen.

Not only does Vitamin C help hair to grow, but it also aids the absorption of iron which in turn keeps it strong and healthy.


It’s a good fat which is good for your heart

Wherever you find fat you’ll find three specific types: monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated. Unsaturated and polyunsaturated are found in fruit, vegetables, and meat. This type of fat helps to clean out arteries and aids good cholesterol moving around the body. Another fantastic benefit of unsaturated fat is that it helps to reduce bad cholesterol and thus promotes heart health.


Source of fibre

Avocados are also great source of dietary fibre. There are two types of fibre- soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fibre helps to add bulk to your stool and maintain bowel functions while soluble helps to lower cholesterol reabsorption.


Rich in nutrients and antioxidants

Although avocados are 75% water, they are still rich in nutrients and antioxidants. Australian Avocados states that ¼ or 50g of avocado contains the following:

  • 2g fibre
  • 60mg folate (30% of the recommended dietary intake (RDI) for folate)
  • 10mg Vitamin C (25% RDI for Vitamin C)
  • 1mg Vitamin E (10% of RDI for Vitamin E)

Along with these, avocados are also naturally low in sodium and are a great source of potassium.

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