What do you actually know about the modern word “Detox”?

Do you believe or are you a sceptic? Do you think you have toxins in your body that need to be purified? Many detox practices are nothing more than myths, we know this to be true!

Detox myths and enlightenment – We reveal the secret!

Would you like to cleanse the body shortly before summer or detox as a resolution for the new year? It is said that a detox cure allows the body to get rid of the accumulated pollutants. The body absorbs these toxins on a daily basis – through food, clothing, air…etc. They can also arise during the metabolism of the body. However, the body is not nearly as weak as many commercials or advertisement make us believe. Natural detoxification can happen through the detoxification organs of the body. Unfortunately, toxins are everywhere. Light and heavy metals are not only found in meat and cereals but also in medicines and cosmetic products such as creams, deodorants and chemical cleansing agents (parabens, siloxanes aluminium, petrolatum). Even food packaging (bisphenol A), carpets and clothes are not without toxins.

What does “Detox” stand for?

Detox is defined as the “removal of toxic substances” according to the Oxford Dictionary. In fact, our body is much stronger than the industry suggests. For our body does not need chemical detox products or a fasting cure to detoxify itself. These can certainly help, but the body has its own personal little helpers. As soon as the body comes in contact with a poisonous substance, natural detoxification organs respond to get rid of them. Many different organs are involved, six of which we discuss below:

The intestine:

The intestine is probably the most important detoxification organ of the body. It is not only responsible for absorbing essential ingredients, but also ensures that toxins are excreted, namely during bowel movements. Digestion plays a central role in detoxification. Fibre has a digestive effect which can bind toxins and thus help with the excretion. By the way: a healthy intestinal flora promotes the body’s defences.

The liver:

The liver is the main organ of metabolism. It metabolises all foods and has its own detoxification system, by providing the body with the key ingredients for nourishment, and by using enzymes to filter out food waste, such as alcohol.

The skin:

Two square metres – the skin protects all internal organs against environmental influences. When sweating the body cleans itself. The following applies here – regular exercise is a must. Those who are reluctant to do exercise can also go to the sauna because sweating makes it possible for the skin itself to guide heavy metals to the outside.

The lungs:

Thanks to the lungs we can breathe, but the lungs do a lot more. Breathing or coughing can be used to eliminate unwanted substances.

The lymphs:

The lymphs help the body to get rid of foreign bodies and bacteria and thus support the entire immune system.

The kidneys:

Every day we urinate, underestimating this activity because urinating is a kind of detoxification mechanism. The body expels many toxins, such as alcohol, drugs and urea out of the body. The kidneys produce the urine but they also cleanse the blood. Therefore a high supply of water is crucial.

Natural home remedies to aid detoxification:

The body’s own detoxification ability works only when the body is supplied with the necessary nutrients. A diet rich in minerals and vital substances is therefore important for digestion, metabolism and the immune system and is thus directly related to detoxification.

Important ingredients are:

  • Antioxidants (vitamin C, E, selenium) from berries, apples, tomatoes, prunes, garlic, potatoes, nuts and cold pressed oils.
  • Vitamin A from carrots, celery, spinach, dried apricots, kale and red pepper.
  • B-vitamins from various salads and cabbages, sesame seeds, fish, sunflower seeds, wheat germ and lentils.
  • Grapefruit flavonoids, black and green tea, onions, tomatoes, soy, celery and chives.
  • Probiotics from dairy products such as natural yoghurt, kefir, cheese as well as sauerkraut, sour cucumbers and apple cider vinegar. (buy here…

In addition you can also try the following:

  • An alkaline footbath with alkaline salt for the acid-base balance
  • A liver wrap with a hot water bottle and a wet towel around the belly
  • A natural exfoliant for an intensive cleansing of the skin

General detox tips:

The term detox is therefore not a myth but the body has always been doing it naturally. However, you should support the body as much as possible. Follow these tips:

  • Adapt an alkaline diet! Feed on base forming fruits and vegetables such as avocados, strawberries, fennel, broccoli and apples. Meat, processed products and sugar should be reduced as much as possible. Meat and sugar are among the bad acidifiers and can damage gut health.
  • Promote your digestion! A healthy intestinal flora is supported by fibre-rich foods such as cereals, dried fruits and legumes.
  • Drink a lot of water! Water, but also homemade green smoothies, unsweetened tea and infused water are delicious and healthy. We recommend to drink the organic detox tea from Planet which you can find here… Beware of overconsumption of coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. They all have an acidifying effect!
  • Do exercise regularly! Keep at it – whether running, cycling, dancing or yoga, your body will thank you. Sport is not only healthy for the body but also a true therapy against stress.
  • Let the soul dangle! Yes!! Just relaxing and reducing stress helps to detoxify. Toxins are not just in food, cosmetics or the air. Also stress with colleagues, friends or in relationships can act like a poison on body and psyche.

To sum it all up:

A detox cure can speed up the detoxification process but is completely ineffective if the holistic lifestyle is unhealthy. Who smokes a lot, drinks alcohol and sugar-rich drinks and often eats fast food, sleeps little and rarely does exercise will not benefit from a short detox cure. However, if you basically have a healthy lifestyle and take all these tips into account, then you and your body are a perfectly attuned team and no one can stop you anymore!

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