Dairy Alternatives: Camel Milk & Goat Milk


A number of unusual dairy alternatives have been exciting health food experts for a few years now. Two of these- camel milk and goat milk are said to have a number of benefits for people with specific illnesses. We are happy to say we stock both these dairy alternatives!

Below we’ll look at why these products are so exciting and how you can benefit.

Camel Milk

Fancy adding a splash of camel milk into your afternoon cuppa? It might be a better idea than you think. Camel milk has been popular in Asia, North America and the Middle East for years and is now growing in popularity in Australia.

The brand we stock is QCamel which is produced on the Sunshine Coast! The camels are pasture fed, and are completely free of antibiotics.

Camel milk is nutrient dense and claims to be able to help ease a range of illnesses including food allergies, diabetes, and digestive problems. It also has a different molecular structure to cow milk and a healing nature which makes it suitable for people with conditions such as autism.

The taste is quite similar to that of cow milk with a slightly saltier aftertaste. The nutritional benefits compared to that of cow milk include:

  • Ten times the amount of iron
  • 3-5 times the amount of Vitamin C
  • Higher vitamin B6
  • Lower in lactose
  • High in lactoferrin (protein which helps to heal the gut)

QCamel recommends 125ml on an empty stomach every day. Pick up some QCamel milk from us today by clicking here.


Goat Milk

Another unusual but equally fantastic dairy alternative is goat milk. Similar to camel milk, goat milk has amazing health benefits, is packed with nutrients and has less lactose than cow milk.

In comparison to cow milk, goat milk contains a tiny bit more fat however, it also has the following fantastic benefits:

  • Less sugar
  • Higher in calcium and Vitamin C
  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Easier to digest for sensitive stomachs

It is clear that camel and goat milks are fantastic dairy alternatives for a number of exciting reasons. So why not try some for yourself! We stock both of these products, you can find them by clicking here.


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