4 Foods to Boost Energy

4 Foods to Boost Energy

The food that we choose to eat greatly impacts our lifestyle. And when you’re already feeling down and tired the last thing that will help to improve your energy is junk food. So let’s take a look at some fantastic natural foods you can chomp on to increase your energy.

4 Foods to Boost Energy

Organic Eggs

Having an egg on rye bread is a great way to start your morning. The protein in the egg will not affect your blood sugar levels which means it will provide you with sustained energy over a long period of time. Further to this, eggs also contain B vitamins which are essential to living an energetic life. People who are deficient in some B vitamins suffer from lack of sleep, nervousness, irritability and fatigue.

Snack: Start your day with an egg, slice a hard boiled egg over your salad or tuck into a soft boiled egg for an afternoon snack.

4 Foods to Boost Energy

Whole grains

Whole grains are a type of complex carbohydrate which still contain three parts of the grain- the bran, the endosperm, and the germ. These three parts contain vitamins and minerals that are otherwise removed if highly processed. Complex carbohydrates are great for energy because they break down glucose more slowly than simple carbohydrates and in turn, provide you with steady energy throughout the day.

Snack: Try having a piece of whole grain toast with natural peanut butter for a sweet and satisfying afternoon snack.

4 Foods to Boost Energy

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a fantastic source of slow-released energy. Two main factors contribute to this. Firstly they are a complex carbohydrate which will slowly break down into glucose. And secondly, they are a great source of dietary fibre which has a steadying effect on blood sugar.

Snack: Add them to your lunchtime salad to beat that 3 pm slump.

4 Foods to Boost Energy

Dark Chocolate

You may scoff at the thought but dark chocolate is actually a fantastic energy booster. Not only does it contain caffeine but it also includes theobromine- a stimulant which acts in a similar way (but to a lesser extent) than caffeine. Along with this it also contains iron, magnesium and zinc. However, be sure that you are only snacking on 70% dark chocolate or higher and that you consume it in moderation.

Snack: Try our 70% Fairtrade Organic Dark Chocolate with some almonds for that afternoon treat that keeps you going.

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