Potato is not just Potato!

Organic Potatoes

The humble potato is so much more than meets the eye. With an incredible 5,000 varieties grown all over the world, Australians have the pleasure of enjoying around 66 varieties commercially produced in their country. It is clear why this staple ingredient is so beloved in the land down under, considering its diverse versatility.

Yet, it can be tricky to make the right decision when buying potatoes for the meal you’re about to make. For example, if you are planning to make mashed potatoes, it is essential to purchase the correct type of potato for this.Waxy potatoes are a great choice for dishes like salads and gratins due to their shape-retaining abilities, whereas floury potatoes are best for mashed potatoes and dumplings because they are low in sugar and moisture, which results in them breaking down easily. Kipfler potatoes, Dutch Cream, and Red Desiree Potatoes all come under the waxy category, whereas the Sebago Potato is the floury one.

Aesthetics are, of course, important as well when shopping for potatoes. Though colour and shape will vary according to your own preferences, it is important to ensure that they are free from germination and any green spots. Discolourations on potatoes could contain plant pigments that could result in stomach issues, so this is something to avoid. It is also key to store potatoes in a cool, dark place but not in the fridge, to ensure they remain edible for as long as possible.

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Enjoy! 😋