Advantages of Local Food

 Advantages of Local Food

There are many advantages to not buying your food from the supermarket. Not only is eating local food better for you and for the environment, you can’t beat it for flavour

Here are 5 reasons why local is best!

1. Freshness and Nutrition

Locally grown crops are harvested at their peak, often arriving at the market within 24 hours of picking. So you can be sure you’re getting the freshest produce from farm to table. Unlike supermarket produce, which has been harvested early and spent weeks in cold storage, local food has a higher nutrient value. So eating food that’s in season is full of flavour and better for you. Organic & Quality Foods ensure our farmer fresh produce is kept at the optimum temperature throughout the whole process.

2. A Safer Food Supply

Food that’s grown overseas may be subject to safety issues, and the further it has to travel the higher the risk of contamination. Local food provides a safer food supply, and you know where it comes from and who grew it. You can find out more easily about methods used for raising and harvesting crops than from some anonymous supplier. Using suppliers that highlight the applicable certification for their entire range also lets you rest easier.

3. Supports the local economy

By buying local food you’re ensuring that money stays close to home and is reinvested to support farming families and the local community.

4. Beneficial for the Environment

By buying local food you’re helping to keep farms running and promoting green spaces in your community. When the farmers are making enough from their products they’re less likely sell off farmland to developers, so essentially the landscape is preserved. The farms also in turn provide a habitat for wildlife and maintain the ecosystem. This is also essential in supporting organic farmers, the more we buy organic products, the more farmers will switch to these sustainable practices. And that is win win for everyone.

5. An Investment in the Future

Rather than manipulating produce to make them more look suitable for consumers, local farms grow crops for their taste and variety. You may not always get the best looking produce but it will be more genetically diverse and less reliant on fossil fuels for packaging and storage.

Buying local food is investing in the future, to ensure that the next generations can enjoy the benefits of organic produce.